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New York Mobile.

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New York Mobile is a unique wireless provider .

We Offer Exclusive Access
to Premium Phone Numbers.


Vanity Numbers

the most effective numbers typically have repetition of numbers or spell out the word of a business’s name or industry.


Area Codes as Brands

the "212" area code has become more popular through time as an association with New York the city itself.


Reliable and Affordable

combined the ability for subscribers to license highly sought-after numbers with wireless services, utilizing T-Mobile's network for data, talk, and text.

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Gothamist A non-profit newsroom, powered by WNYC.
Gothamist A Non-Profit Newsroom, Powered by WNYC

" the way 212 numbers have infiltrated culture — from Azealia Banks to Seinfeld to Sex in the City — is part of their allure. "

" You should consider yourself very cool if you’re one of the few New Yorkers who managed to snag a 212 area code on your cell phone, since it means that you were here before 646 hit. ”

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